The Future of Measurement, Data for PR

"The two most important fundamentals of measurement are tying back to business objectives and knowing how you will measure at the onset of a campaign."


Automation for Marketing, Measurement

"With automation, every process can be standardized for greatest efficiency and quality and then repeated—indefinitely."


PR Internships are popular – but for different reasons than you think

A new study confirms that public relations internships are where it’s at for young professionals seeking to enter the job market. College-gig finder InternMatch polled 9,000 students about what they want from an internship and ranked their experiences thus far. The study confirmed that internships are key to securing a full-time job after graduation. And […]


Content Marketing 101 – When It’s Worth Advising Clients to Spend

Let’s face it – asking a client who is already paying a hefty retainer to pony up more money for a content marketing campaign can be intimidating. After all, they’re paying you to them earned media – if they wanted marketing, they could ask their own in-house team to do it. It’s really easy for […]


Hotwire Named Runner-Up For Best New Agency by The Holmes Report

We may still be the new kids in town but we’re thrilled to be racking up the honors. After being shortlisted, Hotwire is a runner-up for 2014 New Agency of the Year, per the editors at The Holmes Report. Our ethos of integrated digital strategy, radical transparency and our belief that a tech public relations agency […]

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