Social media reacts to the Apple Event

On Wednesday night, Apple hosted their biggest event of the year, starting with updates to the Apple Watch before releasing the, quite literally, biggies: the iPad Pro and iPhone 6S.


The most wonderful time of the year (for smart PR campaigns)

While it may seem crazy to plan for the holidays when it’s still 90+ degrees outside – it’s important to remember that most product guides close in the June/July time frame. It’s also not uncommon for Pepcom or similar organizations to hold their holiday events and showcases by July or August. With Christmas kicking off in July and now Halloween gracing us frighteningly early in June, the time is now to plan for the holiday season!


The continued curation of our virtual realities

Instagram recently announced its newest product update to “explore” and “search,” and even more recently the ability to post pictures at different angles. Users and brands can now “curate” collections of photographs by theme, location, or likeness - and it got me to thinking about how yet another brand’s hyper curation of our content might affect our actual exploration of the internet as well as our physical reality.


The Thunder from Down Under’s take on The Big Apple

As an Australian, I grew up consuming American media and culture. Many Aussies of my generation can quote every Simpsons episode, love their McDonalds and Nike, and seemingly know the US’ history better than our own.

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