Finovate Spring 2015

A look at this year's most innovative players in the financial technology space.


Forecasting the Future of PR

On the last episode of Mad Men, for an upcoming, annual review meeting, Roger Sterling was tasked with presenting the past, present and future of Sterling, Cooper & Partners. Shuffling through stacks of financial reports on his desk, Roger calls Don Draper into his office to tell him about the assignment...


Learnings from Conference Season 2015

The first of the year is always a hectic time for tech companies with CES, Mobile World Congress and SXSW back to back. And as PR professionals, it is our job to make sure our clients stand out at these events even though thousands of other brands have the same goal.


Net Neutrality Prevails and Why Millennials Should be Happy

The Hotwire PR offices have been buzzing today with conversations, opinions and much applauding of today’s FCC ruling. As you saw today, the FCC has voted to implement new neutrality rules – finally! – marking a pivotal time in US regulation history.


When 140 characters is too long

A tweet's about the shortest form of digital message anyone would want, right? Wrong. With the rise of the smartwatch publishers are being forced to think again about just how short content needs to be. In a piece for Nieman Lab, Dan Shanoff argued news outlets can and should create even briefer snippets of news.


12 Tech Brands to Follow on Instagram

What do Whole Foods, Wal-Mart and Burger King have in common? Well, a few things, but of recent note, they’ve all used the word “bae” on social media. In fact, The Atlantic wrote a piece earlier this week about the word’s death, which was spurred by the generous use from a number of different brands in attempt to connect with their audiences.


What will be big in digital for 2015?

How do you like your content? Printed in black and white with a side of bacon and toast? Through your earbuds on a podcast? Skimming through social media while waiting in line or catching a quick glance at YouTube while at your desk?

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